About - AP HOMES

Since 2004, AP Homes has been dedicated to provide quality and affordable housing. Our leaders have been in the industry for 2 decades and are true models of elite craftsmanship and providing peace of mind to our clients in what can be a tremendously stressful journey for some. Our vision is to create and reflect exactly what you call home and it is essential for us at AP Homes to create a living environment that is tailor made for your needs. We value communication between our associates and clients in order to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Imagine setting out on this project and having your thoughts and input not only heard but valued. That is our mission.


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We understand what you need is not just a soulless piece of wood and nails but the embodiment of what you call home and that can only be accomplished through passion and professionalism. The love of the craft being delivered to you in a way that is timely, affordable, and reflective of your dreams is what truly distinguishes AP Homes. Our work will stand the test of time and your family can prosper for generations between the walls you helped us create.